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Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain

Well, we're gearing up for the festival next weekend and we are absolutely hype! Can't wait to share the stage with all the other Backroads Tour winners and see all the inherent awesome acts on the lineup 🙌

If you need tickets, you can get them at

Or....if you're feeling lucky, we're actually giving away 2 of our +1 GA tickets for the festival over on our FB page. But entry ENDS TODAY AT 6PM. So hop over there and enter! And throw us a follow while you're at it!

Peace and Love y'all,


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Dec 06, 2023

Hello friends, I saw you all awhile back with Grackle, loved the show. I was the guy babbling to y'all about ren faires and the dorkerstra.

Hope you all are well, and hope to see you play again. ☮️🐧

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